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Infinite Virtual Space is an immersive multichain Metaverse platform


Unique Collection, Infinite Possibility, and Valuable NFTs


The Vision

Our vision is to create the largest and highest quality Metaverse platform by creating innovative, immersive, SocialFi Metaverse experiences. IVS sits at the intersection of three markets, each of which has strong growth potential: NFTs, Metaverse, and SocialFi.

We believe in the value of the community and hope to participate in this adventurous journey with DAO to create an experience like no other with True value Metaverse. We have been developing X-engine for nearly three years, and it has been successfully commercialized for two years. X-engine touts an industry-leading technical architecture for VR equipment.


The Roadmap



The X-engine was formally established, dedicated to providing a basic no-code development framework for VR.



The thought of combination of 3D codeless engine and blockchain entered the stage of feasibility analysis, and began to study the concept and use cases of ERC721.


The research and development of the X-engine(V1) has been completed.


IVS formally approved and initiated, and completed the initial project architecture design.



IVS carried out the structural adjustment, optimized the economic model, and employed the concept of cross-chain.


  • Started the development of V2 version of IVS.

  • Carry out the resource expansion and integration of the blockchain industry, and plan for the official issuance.

  • The development of X-engine(V2) is completed.



  • Build a community for early operation and project warm-up.

  • Complete the development of IVS-MP beta.

  • Evaluation and development of X-engine smart contract codeless modules.


IVS released the Whitepaper and officially open to the public.

  • Build a developer community.

  • Complete initial asset deployment.

  • Global online launching conference.

  • Starting project ‘infinite miracle’. development and pre-launch of virtual spaces.



  • Release of Xpace, the flagship NFT of IVS.

  • Establish of the Metaverse digital identity system in IVS.

  • Development and testing of metaverse asset-friendly cross-chain tool and layer2 protocol.

  • Improve the development module of X-Engine applied to the blockchain.

  • The multi-scenario MetaVerse based on the X engine was initially completed.

  • Enhance the value and use of virtual space from the "Infinite Miracle" project.

  • Marketing and virtual space development competition.


  • X-engine has become a mature blockchain codeless development framework and is gradually becoming a platform.

  • The multi-scenario Metaverse ecology is beginning to flourish inside the virtual spaces.

  • The NFT social finance, educational finance and asset circulation scenarios have been further improved, showing the metaverse Social Finance ecology in Web3 paradigm.

  • Adaptation and optimization of virtual reality (VR) hardware facilities.

  • Soliciting IVS DAO's suggestions for the Govern to Earn system.


  • Solicitation of opinions on the parameters of the decentralized credit system.

  • Testing IVS digital identity is embedded in decentralized credit system.

  • Plan and support hackathon events.


  • Supports millions of concurrent online Metaverse game, social and educational spaces.

  • Realize the influential Web3 virtual reality scene.

  • Supports other important components of Metaverse track projects: better augmented reality, distributed storage solutions, brain-computer interfaces, etc.


  • Iterative optimization of X-engine.

  • Incubate independent virtual space IP through decentralized governance.

  • Metaverse Brands strategic cooperation disclosure.

  • Planning and testing the first virtual space film conference.

IVS Protocol

Discover IVS

Find out about the IVS Protocol.

Development engine

Use X-Engine

X-Engine is a X-engine is a code-free 3D space construction engine.

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